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UK Voluntary Liquidation Services

Are you considering the possibility of a voluntary liquidation for your business and would like to know more about the consequences of one? If so, Salient Insolvency is on hand to help.

As highly skilled insolvency practitioners, the team at Salient Insolvency is available to help both large and small businesses with all aspects of voluntary liquidations today. You can turn to us for discreet and impartial advice that will help to inform you about individual voluntary arrangements and what to do next given your particular set of commercial circumstances. We will take you through the process of various types of voluntary liquidation proceedings and also offer you advice about what you can do about potentially rescuing your business and re-establishing trading conditions on a more sound financial footing. Ask us about what is involved with voluntary liquidation in the UK today for the latest information and how it will affect your firm.

At Salient Insolvency, we deal with numerous types of voluntary liquidation proceedings.


A members’ voluntary liquidation, or MVL, is a way to wind up a business that is useful when the directors of a firm agree that it should no longer continue to trade.

We are on hand to advise you about this process in cases of insolvency as well as when there might be cash flow problems that may be more temporary in nature. When an MVL is sought, turning to a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of everything involved is highly advisable. At Salient Insolvency, we’ll help you with everything from liability assessments to handling dividend payments.


When it comes to creditors’ voluntary liquidation proceedings, or CVLs, Salient Insolvency will be able to provide you with a comprehensive overview of all of the available options.

CVLs will often involve company directors appointing a liquidator and Salient Insolvency is ideally positioned to guide you through this. We can help you whether your business is currently solvent or otherwise, providing you with all of the guidance you will need to make a well-informed decision about what is in your best business interests.


At Salient Insolvency, we are well-versed in all aspects of company voluntary arrangements, or CVAs, today. With a wealth of experience in CVAs to draw upon, you can turn to us with confidence that you will be getting the best and most impartial advice possible.

We deal with all phases of CVAs including helping to draw up CVA proposals, negotiating with creditors and what to do about employees as your business goes through the process of restructuring its finances.


Operating in your partnership’s long-term business interests, we can help with all of the processes involved in a partnership voluntary arrangement, or PVA.

Having looked closely into your set of financial circumstances, we may advise you that a PVA is not in your best interests and suggest alternatives. Equally, if a PVA is an appropriate course of action in your case, we’ll arrange terms for a settlement and even help you to settle any disputes you may have with your business partners.

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Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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