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Insolvency Practitioner for Automotive Industry

As professional insolvency practitioners, Salient Insolvency has a wealth of experience to share with companies facing financial difficulties in the automotive sector.

Car making or supplying parts and services to car manufacturers is often fraught with business risk, something that most people in the industry know only too well when supply problems occur or when expected payments are made late. This can lead to some businesses in the automotive sector facing temporary cash flow issues. In some cases, it might even lead to business-critical problems concerning structural indebtedness.

Helpfully, Salient Insolvency has a great deal of expertise in helping carmakers, service providers and car component manufacturers to survive difficult trading times. Whether your business needs a breathing space to allow it to pay off its debts and remain viable or you are already considering the best way to wind it up completely, we are on hand to offer impartial, professional guidance.


We can help with numerous different approaches to company indebtedness. It might be, for example, that your current financial circumstances might suit negotiating a company voluntary arrangement or CVA. There again, you might want to ask us about the process of going into official administration and what can be done to turn the company around under such circumstances.

Given that there is so much upheaval in the automotive sector, not least because of the ongoing switch from fossil fuels to electrically powered vehicles, it is good to know that there is advice available that is tailored to the industry's needs today. That's exactly what we offer at Salient Insolvency.

We can offer assistance with many different avenues you might be considering for your automotive sector firm.

  • Business rescue plans
  • Handling bounce back loan debt
  • Partnership liquidations
  • Limited company closures
  • Winding up petitions

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If your creditors have begun proceedings against you to wind your company up, then we can provide expert assistance.

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Ask us about what to do if you are considering a director’s redundancy from your automotive sector firm.


Automotive Industry Insolvency

Whether you run a car manufacturing business supplying assemblies to carmakers or provide automotive sector services, Salient Insolvency can help your business to get through tough times. We negotiate with creditors and handle the often complex formalities associated with company administration proceedings and closures. Make sure you have explored all of the viable options available to you before deciding on a course of action by discussing your circumstances with us today.

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Salient Insolvency offers professional help for firms in numerous industries including the automotive sector.

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