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Compulsory Liquidation & Wind Up

Facing compulsory liquidation? Speak to our team of experts today.

If you run a business that is facing compulsory liquidation, then having a team of expert insolvency practitioners at your side to help can be the best thing you can do under such circumstances.

At Salient Insolvency, we offer professional guidance in every aspect of business liquidation including expertise in debt management and other approaches that can help to stave off liquidation in the first place. Find out more about compulsory liquidation including the grounds where it applies and whether or not it is an appropriate course of action in your case.


Professional help if your enterprise is facing compulsory liquidation for whatever reason.

It is worth noting that compulsory liquidation may occur for many different reasons, sometimes ones that are outside of your control.

For example, a winding up petition may have been started against you as a way of settling a financial dispute between you and a supplier. There again, your payments may have been late or mishandled due to administrative errors rather than a problem with cash flow. Equally, you might have been late to pay suppliers because your customers face liquidity problems of their own.

Whatever the reason you might face compulsory liquidation, we are here to assist. As insolvency practitioners, we are well-versed in all aspects of the compulsory liquidation process in the UK today.

Discover more about the compulsory liquidation process.

  • Statutory demands
  • Winding up petitions
  • Court rulings
  • Official receiver
  • Appointed liquidators

Working with compulsory liquidation

If you would like guidance on the best way to proceed when your company faces compulsory liquidation, then we can help.

Options for challenging liquidation grounds

If you think that your business can survive if it is given enough time to sort out its finances, then ask us for our professional opinion.


A wide range of compulsory liquidation & business wind up advice.

At Salient Insolvency, you can be sure that we know exactly what we are doing in all aspects of commercial liquidation proceedings in the UK, including compulsory ones. Firstly, please note that we can help you if you are facing legal action from your creditors even though a compulsory liquidation procedure usually places a moratorium on such proceedings.

We are also here to help with compulsory liquidations that arise from disputes between company directors. With a wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal, there is no better firm of insolvency practitioners you could turn to.

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Why not use our liquidation assessment to find out for yourself whether compulsory liquidation might be in your firm’s best interests.

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We offer compulsory liquidation advice to companies working in a variety of different industrial sectors.

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