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Insolvency Practitioner for Professional Services Industry

At Salient Insolvency, we have a wealth of experience to share among professional service providers concerning company dissolutions, insolvency and much more besides.

As anyone who works in the professional service sector – from lawyers and surveyors to creative and IT specialists – will know, cash flow problems can occur from time to time. These financial issues are not necessarily the fault of the professional who has been providing their services because it could come down to other factors, such as a client going bankrupt with outstanding debts.

As professional service providers ourselves, Salient Insolvency will know how to work with you for the best outcomes no matter what financial situation you happen to find yourself in. We can help professionals in a wide range of industries to restructure their business whether they work in a partnership, as a limited liability company or as a sole trader. Ask Salient Insolvency to provide informative and impartial advice to help your business survive.


We deal with all aspects of business finance and can help professionals to overcome temporary problems with their debt management as well as assisting with more structural issues that can lead to debt accrual.

As insolvency practitioners, we can help with all aspects of company and personal debt, offering advice no matter how your business is officially incorporated. Equally, you can draw upon our expertise if you would like your mordant trading affairs to be officially wound down. We assist with company and partnership closures for professional service providers frequently.

Turn to Salient Insolvency if you are a professional service provider and would like our experience to help you with any of the following matters.

  • Bounce back loans
  • Partnership voluntary arrangements (PVAs)
  • Business administration
  • Company restoration services
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidations (CVLs)

Official administration

If you face the possibility of your business going into official administration, then ask Salient Insolvency to provide you with expert advice.

We are here to help

Obtain professional help from Salient Insolvency for handling personal debt outside of your professional business interests.


Professional Service Industry Insolvency

As a leading insolvency practitioner firm in the UK, Salient Insolvency is well-versed in all of the legal ramifications that come with company dissolutions, administration proceedings and debt management. We can offer guidance that is tailored not just to your current needs but to the future requirements of your business as it recovers from its financial situation, too. We have a wealth of experience to offer professionals who would like to deal with insolvency matters in a clear and competent way.

Online Liquidation Assessment

With our online assessment tool, you can easily determine where you might stand if you were to proceed with the liquidation of your business.

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Insolvency Services

Tailored advice for professional people and partnerships in numerous sectors from Salient Insolvency.

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