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UK Business Rescue Specialists

Is your business struggling? Our team can help with business rescue plans.

At Salient Insolvency, we operate a truly first-rate business rescue service and can assist all sorts of companies regardless of their particular financial circumstances.

All companies have assets as well as creditors to consider. Sometimes, there is just not enough cash flow or liquid reserves to sustain a business through a difficult time, however. This is where the expert advice you can obtain at Salient Insolvency can be so beneficial. We are not just here to advise on how best to wind up a company but all of the options available today to save it.

Ask us about our wide range of business rescue services and we will happily discuss which of them might be suited to rescuing your company from a potential financial collapse or insolvency proceedings.


All sorts of firms require financial assistance from time to time.

Sometimes, this will come down to the way debt is being managed at a company that makes it temporarily unviable, for example. By consolidating your debt or by restructuring your payments to your creditors, it is often possible to obtain some much needed commercial leeway. We can advise you in this regard as well as all of the other potential avenues you might go down, such as a company voluntary arrangement, a time to pay arrangement with HMRC and company administration.

We have the expertise you need in all areas of business rescue packages.

  • Company finance options
  • Formal business recovery
  • Debt management
  • Pre-pack administration
  • Insolvency proceedings

Need help today?

If you are a company director and would like assistance with a viable business rescue package, then we can offer our expert assistance.

Want expert business restructuring services?

Salient Insolvency can help to restructure your business so it is more resilient to changing financial conditions.


Professional business rescue services that are delivered by experts.

At Salient Insolvency, we take great pride in the way we tailor our work to help businesses recover. There is no single solution to help resolve a company that is in financial difficulty. We take an honest and open approach so you can obtain a clear appraisal of the situation. That's why so many of our business rescue services have proved to be successful in the past and why we are in a strong position to help your company, too.

Online Liquidation Assessment

Our online liquidation assessment tool is available to help you decide whether the company liquidation route is the right one to take given your firm’s particular financial situation.

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No matter what the current state of your company's finances might be, we are here to offer our professional advice in numerous markets.

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