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If you are unsure whether or not going down the route of personal insolvency proceedings is in your best financial interests, then the professionals at Salient Insolvency are here to offer you impartial and expert guidance.

Personal indebtedness, whether it is from your business interests or from personal loans you may have taken out in the past, can be extremely worrying and even stressful. When you are in debt, it can seem as though there is no way through. This is particularly so if you have creditors who are demanding payments from you or you have rising debt that you cannot manage due to the interest charges that are accruing on it. This is why turning to a professional team of insolvency practitioners who are well-versed in both personal and business debt management can be so beneficial. We deal with creditors and handle debt management processes all the time, so we are the ideal team of experts to turn to for knowledgable assistance in all forms of personal insolvency.

Take charge of your finances and obtain specialist guidance in personal debt from insolvency practitioners with a proven track record in helping people out of indebtedness.


At Salient Insolvency, our team of highly skilled insolvency practitioners are at your disposal to offer a raft of advice with personal debt support. In some cases, you may just need a bit of assistance with prioritising your debt so that the most costly debts to you personally are paid off first while others wait until you are less shackled by your most pressing creditors. On other occasions, we may help you to consolidate your debt so that it is simply more straightforward to manage going forwards. Sometimes, consolidating various forms of personal debt – such as rent arrears, car loan repayments, credit card debt and bank or building society overdrafts – makes sense because it means being able to stick to more regular repayments.

Please note that our personal debt support is not just here to help you manage your debt better but to take affirmative action when it is appropriate to do so. For example, we can advise you when it might be beneficial to seek an individual voluntary arrangement, or IVA, that will often afford you more time to pay off your debt than you currently enjoy. We can also guide you on all aspects of personal bankruptcy proceedings, something that may be the most sensible option given your particular set of personal circumstances.


Understanding your options is a key part of how you can take back control of your personal finances no matter what you decide to do about your debt. Helpfully, Salient Insolvency has an online liquidation assessment tool that is at your disposal right now to help you figure out where you stand with respect to the debt you currently owe.

Use it and see for yourself which options are available to you. We will be able to fine-tune the advice it produces so that whatever route out of personal debt you choose to take, you will know that you have been guided by those with in-depth knowledge of personal and family finance.

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Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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