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Business & Company Restoration

Looking to restore your business? Ask our team today.

If you are seeking expert advice on company restoration and whether or not it would be a good idea in your case, then Salient Insolvency is here to help.

In many regards, company restoration is the opposite process of a company dissolution. We are experts in both these processes and can offer you our expert advice in either situation. With a company restoration, you will effectively be re-establishing a limited company even if it had previously been struck off the register at Companies House.

Allow us to take you through the processes that are required to successfully restore a dissolved company in the UK and reverse a company dissolution. We can offer our guidance with what you need to do under UK law but also offer our many insights with respect to the underlying commercial decision behind a company restoration.


Advice for those looking to restore a business.

As market conditions alter, so perspectives on decisions taken to dissolve limited companies can change, as well. Sometimes, restoring a company is the best commercial decision to make so that its assets can be released, for example. There are many financial reasons you might want to explore what is involved. Feel free to ask us about how a company restoration might help you.

At Salient Insolvency, we have expertise in every aspect of company restorations.

  • Who can apply for them
  • How long after a dissolution an application can be made
  • Administrative company restorations
  • Crown representation waivers
  • Dealing with the creditors of a restored company

Guidance for former company directors

If you had a directorship at a company that is currently struck off the register, we can help to restore it on your behalf.

Declaring returns when restoring a company?

If your company has been struck off for failing to declare returns, then we can guide you on everything you will need to do and the best way to proceed.


Expert advice in all aspects of company restorations today.

At Salient Insolvency, we can assist with all the legal procedures that will be expected of you when you apply for a company restoration. We are also here to offer our wisdom with the commercial consequences of restoring a company, especially one that had debts as well as assets. Our fully rounded approach will give you the best insights into what to expect so you are better prepared.

Online Liquidation Assessment

We have developed an online liquidation assessment tool that you can use to help establish the best way forward given your firm’s set of financial circumstances.

Take the assessment

Service Sectors

Whichever sector or sectors your company operated in, we can provide tailored company restoration advice.

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