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Insolvency Practitioner Hospitality & Leisure Industry

Find tailored advice for the hospitality and leisure sectors delivered by professionals at Salient Insolvency.

The hospitality and leisure industry often faces difficulties that other sectors do not, such as seasonal trade and the availability of workers. In turn, this can lead to business stresses that are not necessarily experienced elsewhere. This is why businesses operating in leisure services, hospitality and entertainment will benefit from specific insolvency advice delivered by an experienced practitioner.

This is exactly what we offer at Salient Insolvency so you can rest assured that the guidance we put forward will be relevant to your particular business model within the wider context of the sector. Whether you are facing compulsory liquidation or simply want help to rescue your business, we are here to put you on the right track.


In hospitality and leisure, many factors can play their part in the day-to-day balance sheets of businesses. For some, it is about the rising costs associated with skilled labour or essential ingredients. For others, it may be that creditors are in financial trouble and are therefore seeking to call in debts sooner than expected.

However, all of these underlying issues may reveal a more substantial or structural problem if they are looked at together. That's why we will take a comprehensive approach to your finances and put together a plan that is suited to the needs of modern leisure and hospitality firms trading in the UK today.

If your lender is demanding your company pays its bounce back loan back, then we can offer you the best advice on what to do next.

Ask Salient Insolvency to provide impartial and professional guidance in any of the following areas - and more besides.

  • Closing a business partnership
  • Pre-pack administration proceedings
  • Debt consolidation
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Pub and restaurant rescue services

What are my options?

If you would like to find out what your options are when your creditors have begun winding up proceedings against you, then we are here to offer help.

We can help you today!

Ask the team at Salient Insolvency about what to do if your business won’t be sold and you would like to retire with it properly struck off the official register.


Hospitality & Leisure Insolvency

We can help businesses that are barely solvent to turn around and find a new lease of life. This is often achieved by looking at the current financial situation in the round and taking appropriate action. Our expertise in the hospitality and leisure sectors also includes what to do when a business would be best off going into administration.

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