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Company Voluntary Arrangements - CVA

Turn to the experts in company voluntary arrangements (CVAs) at Salient Insolvency if you think it is in the best interests of your firm to pursue one or if your creditors have approached you about agreeing to one.

For the most part, CVAs are entered into because a firm has had difficulties discharging its debt. If this has happened because of a temporary cash-flow problem, then a CVA might not be in your best interests. However, if there is an underlying cause that is more structural in its nature, then a CVA can be a good option.

That’s why we offer impartial advice at Salient Insolvency so that business owners and directors can make better-informed decisions about what they should do next. We have a wealth of expertise to share with business rescues and voluntary debt arrangements like CVAs. Don’t hesitate to draw upon our knowledge if your company is in debt and currently struggling to manage financially.


At Salient Insolvency, we have the experience that counts when it comes to managing CVAs.

We can advise you on what level of agreement you will need to attain among your creditors, for example, for a CVA application to be successful.
Given that all of our advice is offered individually, we can help your firm to overcome its particular set of circumstances. We'll also advise you on what to do about your other shareholders - if there are any – so that the CVA does its intended job of allowing you more time to repay your company debt.

We handle all aspects of company voluntary arrangements on behalf of our clients, including:

  • Assessments and consultations
  • CVA proposal documents
  • Gaining the approval of creditors
  • Employee retention
  • Tax issues

What other options do I have?

If you think your firm would benefit from a CVA but want to discuss your other viable options, then we are here to help.

How can I go about it?

Ask Salient Insolvency about what terms creditors can impose on your firm to agree to a CVA in the first place.


How best to obtain a company voluntary arrangement

Remember that a successfully sought CVA will mean that your firm enters into a legally binding contract with its creditors. As such, it may be beneficial to discuss with Salient Insolvency your other options when managing cash flow and company debt. That said, CVAs help many businesses to survive because they are often used to spread debt repayments out in a more manageable way. If you are looking for favourable terms, then asking us to help you is a good idea.

Online Liquidation Assessment

Our online assessment tool is a good first step to take if you are considering your options with respect to CVAs and company debt.

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