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Insolvency Practitioner Manchester

From Old Trafford to Oldham, Salient Insolvency is on hand to provide professional insolvency advice throughout the city of Manchester and the wider Greater Manchester region.

At Salient Insolvency, we have the know-how, the experience and the skills to help all sorts of Manchester-based businesses overcome their current financial situation. Whether you are unsure if your firm is fully solvent at the moment or not, we can help you to improve your finances and to deal with anything from debt renegotiations to company dissolution. Our expertise covers all aspects of insolvency today so you can turn to us whether you run a limited company, a partnership or operate as a sole trader. All of the advice you will receive will be given confidentially as our discretion is assured in all financial discussions.


Many businesses in Manchester that are not currently solvent can survive and even thrive if the correct measures are put in place. This may take some time to organise and could involve renegotiating financial settlements with creditors and even HMRC occasionally. We can help all sorts of companies – large and small – to take the right steps that will help to save their business thanks to our extensive knowledge of insolvency in the UK today. What's more, we can assist firms throughout the region. We cover everywhere within the M60 ring road and beyond as well as the larger firms that tend to be based in Manchester city centre. Whether you would like to know what your options are if you face compulsory liquidation proceedings or want to know what is involved with partnership voluntary arrangements (PVAs), we will provide clear-cut and easily understood advice.


People who live and work in the city of Manchester can also turn to Salient Insolvency for guidance on personal debt. Sometimes this will go hand-in-hand with our advice for directors and partners of businesses, such as our director distress consultations. However, you don’t have to run a business to benefit from our professional personal debt support services. We can help you to put your household finances back onto a more sound footing whether you face mortgage arrears, negative property equity, credit card debt or high interest charges from unsecured loans. What’s more, our personal insolvency expertise can help you to solve sometimes tricky problems such as shared debt liabilities.


We work with businesses throughout Manchester to assist them in all matters relating to insolvency including bounce back loan management, business partnership closures, company dissolutions and LPA receiverships to name but a few. We also have the industry know-how to help Manchester-based firms deal with their financial concerns in a way that reflects the norms of different sectors surrounding business-to-business debt. For example, we work extensively with education and healthcare companies in Manchester as well as those in the sports, hospitality and leisure and manufacturing industries. Call us today to find out more about how we can help your firm.

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Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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At Salient Insolvency, we help businesses from all sectors of the economy to overcome their problems in Manchester.

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