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Insolvency Practitioner for Manufacturing Industry

Obtain clear-cut and practical advice about all matters relating to insolvency from people who know the manufacturing sector inside out.

It is fair to say that British manufacturing industries often face financial circumstances that other sectors don’t. The fluctuating currency markets, for example, can make obtaining components and assemblies from overseas more expensive while shipping costs can be volatile if there are operational issues or the price of fuel spikes.

This is why some of the financial problems manufacturing businesses might face could be seen as short-term issues that only need some breathing space to overcome. Others may be down to more deep-seated or structural issues. Either way, the professionals at Salient Insolvency will prove to be invaluable in helping you to guide your business through the maze of insolvency issues you may face. Turn to us for expert guidance if you run a manufacturing firm that needs to be placed onto a more sound financial footing once more.


Whether you are looking at restructuring your company or seeking ways to allow you to pay the debt you currently owe without accruing more, Salient Insolvency has plenty to offer manufacturers. Our wealth of experience means that we provide the right balance between offering you financial options while understanding what manufacturing businesses really need if they are to plan for their longer-term prosperity.

We can offer specific advice on things like bounce back loan repayments as well as the more general guidance that manufacturing firms sometimes need, such as the differences between a company voluntary arrangement and a creditors' voluntary arrangement.

We provide expert advice to manufacturing enterprises in the UK about what to do in a range of different situations covering all aspects of modern commerce.

  • Company closures
  • Business administration
  • Debt restructuring
  • LPA receiverships
  • Company dissolutions

What are my options?

If you’d like to find out what your options are when creditors demand payments from you with a final warning, we can assist.

Dissolving a partnership

Obtain professional guidance about dissolving a partnership so you can begin anew with a different group of partners.


Manufacturing Industry Insolvency

With all of the experience that you could wish for from professional insolvency practitioners, we provide advice that you can use to make a better-informed decision as to what to do next. If your business is insolvent or you think it may soon be given your current cash flow situation, then we will help you to make the right calls to protect your firm during its current financial woes.

Online Liquidation Assessment

Our useful online tool will allow you to assess for yourself whether your manufacturing or fabrication business is currently viable from a financial standpoint.

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Insolvency Services

Case by case advice that is tailored to individual circumstances from Salient Insolvency.

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