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Insolvency Planning for Media & Telecoms Businesses

At Salient Insolvency, we work with media and telecommunications companies across the UK to help them overcome their current financial circumstances and to thrive.

With so much experience in business rescue services, insolvency-related matters and company restructuring, there is no better place to turn to for professional advice than Salient Insolvency. We will work with you to help with whatever type of situation your company finds itself in.

We deal with public relations partnerships, limited liability TV and radio companies, sole traders who work in the media as well as telecommunications service providers. As such, we can tailor our insolvency services to meet the needs of the particular industry you happen to work in as well as offering impartial advice that is unique to your current set of financial circumstances. Whether you face company administration or a winding up petition has been issued by your creditors, we are on hand to guide you through the maze of options.


When media and telecommunications firms get into financial difficulties, it is often not because of a strategic error that has been made. Sometimes, it comes down to the misfortune of being owed money by a customer who has gone bust or who simply won't pay on time. Cash flow problems can affect media and telecoms firms large and small.

That's why we will work with you on a case by case basis to establish all of the potential routes out of your current financial situation. With Salient Insolvency advising you, your company will be able to take the right steps thanks to a better-informed management team.

Approach Salient Insolvency if your firm would like assistance in any areas of commercial activity relating to insolvency and business indebtedness.

  • Debt restructuring
  • Limited liability company closures
  • Company voluntary arrangements
  • Partnership dissolutions
  • Compulsory liquidations

Winding up your business

If you would like to know more about your options when a winding up petition has been received, then we can offer bespoke guidance.

We are here to help!

Ask Salient Insolvency to help you deal with creditors who would like to renegotiate the payment of debt with you.


Media & Telecoms Insolvency

Both the telecommunications and media sectors are fast-moving ones. This means that the commercial landscape can change quite unexpectedly at times and even the best financial plans can become out of date quite rapidly. If this means your media firm or telecommunications company is in a different set of trading conditions today, then seeking our professional guidance even before the financial situation worsens may be the best approach. Please note that we can help with all matters relating to business liquidations, including company restorations and business rescue packages, among others.

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Insolvency Services

Salient Insolvency provides professional assistance to media & telecoms firms as well as other industries.

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