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Thinking about closing your company down and would like to know about the various processes involved? Talk to Salient Insolvency for professional and impartial advice.

As Insolvency practitioners, we can help all sorts of businesses to wind up their affairs in a legally correct manner. Our professional expertise will be placed at your disposal to provide you with a range of suitable options so that you can choose the best way to close your company given your particular set of circumstances. Of course, company closures can be desirable for many different reasons. So, whether you are planning on retiring, looking to cease trading with one business so you can concentrate on another or simply want to dissolve a partnership you no longer operate in, we can help.

We provide expert company closure services for numerous types of business entities.


Whether you are the sole managing director of a limited company or work with a board of directors, we can help you to find the best route to company closure given your current financial situation. Our know-how with limited company liquidations and dissolutions means that there is no finer team of insolvency professionals you could turn to.

We deal with everything from strike-offs at Companies House to members’ voluntary liquidations and much more besides. Be better informed about all of your options by talking to us today.


We can offer just as much expert assistance with closing down an LLP as we can a limited liability company. It is worth noting that even LLPs that have not been trading for some time can continue to exist in a legal sense. This is something that may cause problems down the line, especially if only certain partners remain in the business. Our services will help you to close your limited liability partnership in full so that it no longer exists. Talk to us if you’d like to close your LLP even if you intend on re-establishing it with some of the same partners afterwards.


Business partnerships that are not LLPs must be dealt with differently when it comes to closing them down.

At Salient Insolvency, we can help with all aspects of a business partnership dissolution so that everything is tied up from asset realisation to debt management. Whether your business partner has died, left the business or simply wants to close down his or her business interests with you, we will be able to inform you of all the options open to you.


Many businesses in the UK have sole trader status but they do not all succeed and some will inevitably need to be closed down. Whether you have business debt that is hampering your enterprise or you have gained employment and want to close down your sole trader business before taking up your new role, we will be able to offer expert guidance.

Talk to us about closing or rescuing your sole trader business before making any final decision about what to do next.

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