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Close Limited Liability Partnership & Strike Off LLP

The experts at Salient Insolvency are here to help any limited liability partnership to cease trading in a way that satisfies all of the various parties involved.

Partnerships may come to an end for many different reasons, perhaps because partners have other business interests or even because one of them has passed on. However, because an LLP has not been trading recently does not mean that it has ceased to exist as a legal entity.

This is where the expertise available at Salient Insolvency can be so beneficial. We will advise you on the best way to wind up a partnership so that all partners and other stakeholders receive a fair outcome. We can also offer expert guidance when partners have different ideas about the future of the business and need to close it so they can carry on trading separately.


If you are a partner in a limited liability partnership, then it is important to know that there are legal constraints that affect the way such a business can be closed down.

Specifically, it is the Companies Act of 2006 that places partners under certain legal obligations when they go about winding up an LLP. We will offer you professional advice so that your business closure meets all of the regulations in the act, such as what to do about informing investors, employees and other stakeholders.

At Salient Insolvency, we can assist with all aspects of limited liability partnership closure whether you are going about closing an LLP because it no longer does any business or because it has unsustainable debts it can no longer service.

Feel free to contact Salient Insolvency for advice on:

  • Striking-off an LLP
  • LLP dissolution procedures
  • Closing LLPs that have recently changed name
  • Trustee management
  • Compulsory LLP closures

Dissolving/Striking-off LLP

If you are considering dissolving or striking-off your LLP voluntarily, then Salient Insolvency has numerous options for you to consider.

Closure Through Court

If creditors are seeking the closure of an LLP through a county court judgement, then we will advise you on what to do next.


Our expertise with limited liability partnership closures.

The team at Salient Insolvency has years of experience to draw upon with a variety of business closure matters. This means we can assist no matter how your company or partnership is officially incorporated in the UK. We are also experts in business rescues, including many successful ones for LLPs.

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