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Insolvency Practitioner Glasgow

Salient Insolvency helps businesses of all sizes and types to overcome financially difficult times throughout the entire city of Glasgow.

Whether your firm is located on the north or the south of the Clyde River, Salient Insolvency has the local expertise to assist you with all matters connected to insolvency proceedings today. We have been working as professional insolvency practitioners in Glasgow for years and can offer you the benefit of our experience in anything from company dissolutions to business rescue services. From Bearsden to Clarkston and within Glasgow city centre, too, we are available to offer independent advice about what to do if your current cash flow situation means you face mounting debt, creditor winding up petitions or company administration

Thanks to a wealth of know-how in insolvency practice under UK and Scottish law, we are in an ideal position to offer Glaswegian firms impartial and confidential guidance in their financial affairs. If you think your business is viable so long as you can reorganise your debt and restructure your finances, then you should talk to us. Our experience in this field is second to none.


When firms in Glasgow start to struggle to pay their invoices it is frequently not as a result of poor financial management but something else, such as a key customer going out of business or a change to a creditor's terms. In such circumstances, Salient Insolvency is on hand to provide expert financial assistance which will help your firm to continue trading. We can also help with a raft of restructuring issues. For example, if you are a member of a business partnership that you would like to formally dissolve so you can concentrate on another enterprise, we can also assist. Furthermore, if you would like professional insolvency guidance on closing down as a limited liability company or even as a sole trader, we have the skills in Glasgow to put you on the right track.


Please bear in mind that, as insolvency practitioners in Glasgow, we do not just assist businesses with their cash flow problems and debt management. We can also provide high-quality advice to individuals who are undergoing financial stress. If you live in Glasgow or places close by, such as Coatbridge or Dumbarton, and have household or personal debt that is causing you difficulties, then we are here to help. We deal with everything from personal bankruptcy proceedings to debt relief orders (DROs) and much more besides. If you need help dealing with HMRC or handling credit card debt, we will offer you impartial and confidential advice.


As insolvency practitioners who work throughout Glasgow, we can help your business no matter which sector of the economy it happens to work in. In particular, Salient Insolvency has a great deal of experience in industries like manufacturing and automotive production, professional services, media and telecoms and construction to draw upon. Ask us to help you with your business debt before deciding whether or not liquidation is the right option in your case.

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Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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At Salient Insolvency, we help businesses from all sectors of the economy to overcome their problems in Glasgow.

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