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Insolvency Practitioner for Construction Industry

Obtain tailored insolvency advice that is geared towards the needs of businesses and sole traders plying their trade in the construction sector in the UK today.

At Salient Insolvency, we are professional insolvency practitioners who can offer you bespoke services that are designed to meet the needs of housebuilders, tradespeople, construction industry product manufacturers and contractors.

Our expertise in this sector is extensive meaning that we can often find ways to rescue construction industry businesses that are suffering from a temporary cash flow problem or growing debt liabilities. If you think that your business is viable so long as it can manage its debt better, then we can help you to achieve a positive outcome. Equally, if you want formal assistance with administration proceedings or dissolving your firm, then we are here to offer our professional advice.


Construction industry firms can suffer from financial woes for many reasons, not all of them of their own making. Investors can pull out at just the wrong time, for example, while suppliers and customers can both let contracting firms down, impacting on income streams or operational efficiency. Sub-contractors can be especially exposed to financial woes if payments are not forthcoming to main contractors, for instance. These things may leave your firm in a situation of financial stress. If so, getting our expert help will often assist with finding a sound way forwards that makes the best of the current circumstances.

The experts at Salient Insolvency can help construction sector firms to handle numerous areas of financial management and insolvency practices in the UK.

  • Improving financial controls
  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) arrears
  • County Court Judgements (CCJs)
  • Business liquidation
  • Voluntary arrangements

Voluntary arrangement

If you would like to enter into a voluntary arrangement with your creditors so that you can pay your debt off in a more structured way, then we are here to help.

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Make an enquiry about your company liquidation options if you want to ensure your company or partnership is officially struck off the register.


Construction Industry Insolvency

Whether you are heading into official administration or seeking a new company structure that will make the best of its current financial circumstances, Salient Insolvency is on hand to offer impartial advice. We work with each of our construction sector clients on a case by case basis to help them deal with their unique set of issues. Whether you want help with creditor negotiations or would like assistance with dissolving a business partnership, our insights and knowledge will be invaluable.

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