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Insolvency Practitioner Travel & Tourism Industry

As professionals in insolvency practice, Salient Insolvency has plenty of experience working with firms in the travel and tourism sectors to draw upon.

At Salient Insolvency, we appreciate that operating successfully in a competitive sector, such as tourism and travel, will often mean facing financial strain from time to time. Travel can be affected by many things outside the control of the industry, such as the price of energy, global healthcare emergencies or even something as simple as changing consumer habits. Of course, many travel companies are also seasonal or, at least, rely heavily on seasonal trade. Tourism and travel can both, therefore, be affected by strained cash flows at times. In turn, this can place the solvency of a travel and tourism business in doubt. This is where our professional expertise can be of such great benefit.

Turn to Salient Insolvency to find out what to do if you are currently suffering from financial woes. Our expertise with business rescue services, for example, has helped numerous travel and tourism businesses to reorganise their finances in a more sound way. We can also help with matters like debt management, debt reconciliation and company voluntary arrangements to name just a few options. Let us go through your finances and come up with some proposals. You will be better-informed and, therefore, able to make better choices about what to do next.


Professional financial assistance for the Travel & Tourism industry

Our skills in managing business debt can be applied to numerous sectors of the economy but they are particularly effective in the travel and tourism sector. Frequently, even seemingly bad financial situations can be turned around in the tourism industry if enough time can be negotiated with creditors. Whether you need help to restructure your debt with creditors or are looking for a way to liquidate your firm, we can help.
Please also bear in mind that Salient Insolvency offers services to directors and sole traders with personal debt management. Given that many travel and tourism companies are relatively small – and even family-run – firms, we are on hand to offer both business as well as personal support with debt.

We are on hand to provide help to travel & tourism firms in many different ways.

  • LPA receiverships
  • Business rescue planning
  • Renegotiating bounce back loan debt
  • Compulsory liquidation proceedings
  • Handling company administration

Get help today

Ask Salient Insolvency about what to do if you have payments pending that you do not have the cash flow to cover before they become overdue.

Dissolving a partnership?

If you run a travel or tourism firm with partners and want to dissolve the partnership to start afresh, then we can assist.


Travel & Tourism Insolvency

The approachable but professional team at Salient Insolvency is on hand to help you with a raft of financial issues. We help numerous travel and tourism firms to stay solvent and we will be able to assist yours, as well. With specific advice that is tailored to the likes of travel agents, hoteliers and private transportation firms, you will be in good hands.

Online Liquidation Assessment

Feel free to use our online liquidation assessment, a tool that is ideal for financially strained companies in the tourism and travel industries.

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