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Insolvency Practitioner London

Whether your firm is located north or south of the River Thames, Salient Insolvency provides professional insolvency advice throughout the capital.

As experienced insolvency practitioners in London, the team at Salient Insolvency is here to provide expert advice to businesses of all sizes that operate from the capital. We have many years of experience under our belts which means that we can deal with numerous enterprises no matter what sort of financial problems they may currently face. London-based businesses tend to suffer from more operational costs than those in other parts of the country with higher wage demands, more logistical costs and higher rents than are found in other cities. That’s why temporary cash flow problems can occur so often in London and also why it is important to get professionals on your side if your company starts to face problems. We can help in all aspects of business rescues in the capital from Croydon to Tottenham and from Uxbridge to Ilford. Whether you need a bit more time to pay off your debts or are looking to dissolve your firm because it is no longer trading, we can help.


From some of the biggest firms in the City of London to sole trading entities based in the capital's suburbs, seeking financial assistance is sometimes a prerequisite for saving a company that would otherwise fail. If you work as a director of a limited liability company in London or operate in a business partnership somewhere close to the capital, it can be extremely beneficial to speak to financial experts who deal with insolvency matters every day. That's exactly what you can expect when you turn to Salient Insolvency. Our friendly but impartial guidance will leave you better informed about what your options are. We can help you with your creditors even when winding up proceedings might have already begun against you. Don't hesitate to call us no matter the size or location of your London-based company.


It is worth noting that Salient Insolvency also deals with personal insolvency matters. This can be handy if you have personal debts as well as business ones that need to be managed. However, even if you do not run or have a stake in a company, our personal debt support service can still be invaluable in helping you to overcome many of the common problems Londoners face, such as credit card debt, rent arrears and overdraft charges. We will help you to put your finances back in order and can offer valuable insights into individual voluntary arrangements and other options such as personal bankruptcy.


London is an economically diverse city with just about every industrial sector represented by businesses that operate from the capital. As such, you should be able to turn to an insolvency practitioner in London with experience in numerous business sectors. At Salient Insolvency, this is exactly what we offer with a high level of industrial experience in sectors like media & telecoms, real estate and healthcare, to name just three.

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Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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At Salient Insolvency, we help businesses from all sectors of the economy to overcome their problems in within London.

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