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Partnership Voluntary Arrangements - PVA

If your business enters into a partnership voluntary arrangement (PVA), then it can be an effective way of continuing to trade even with a high level of debt burden.

At Salient Insolvency, we have the professional expertise that partnerships need to determine whether or not a PVA type of arrangement will be in their best long-term interests. We take everything into account to help rescue businesses that are struggling with cash flow or debt problems.

If we think that seeking a PVA might be the best course of action in your case, then we will take you through the process to make sure it is legally watertight and worked out in your best interests. Remember a PVA constitutes a legal agreement between a firm and its creditors. Although partnerships that enter into one do so voluntarily, the terms of the PVA must be negotiated with creditors and other business stakeholders. We can guide you throughout the entire process.


When business partners are in dispute about the best way of discharging their business debt, a PVA may often offer the most elegant solution because it creates an agreement that will have to be stuck to going forward. Please note that a PVA can only be instigated by a professional in the field of insolvency practitioner work, something that Salient Insolvency specialises in. If you think that your business would benefit from a PVA and want to discuss all of your options, then we would be happy to offer our consultative expertise.

At Salient Insolvency, we have extensive knowledge of PVAs and related matters including things like:

  • Individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs)
  • Partner dispute resolution
  • PVA terms
  • Creditor negotiations
  • Interest and repayment charges

Improve your long-term viability

If you want to improve the long-term viability of a partnered business and think a PVA might help, then we are here to offer professional guidance.

Looking for assistance?

Ask us about what to do if you already have a PVA in place and need further assistance with protecting your business from financial failure.


Our expertise with partnership voluntary arrangements in the UK

If you are looking to restructure a partnered business so that it can better discharge its debt obligations, then a PVA is one route you should consider. Our experts in the field of insolvency practice can provide you with tailored advice that will help your business to continue trading. We will work on your behalf to ensure your PVA is suited to your current and future business needs with a bespoke service.

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Our online assessment tool will help you to decide whether or not a PVA may be appropriate.

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