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Insolvency Practitioner for Property & Real Estate Industry

If you run a business that deals with real estate or property management that has got itself into some difficult financial circumstances, then you can turn to Salient Insolvency for impartial and professional guidance.

As insolvency practitioners, we work with many company directors and partners who operate in the property and real estate sector. We can advise estate agencies as well as commercial landlords about what to do about insolvency matters, for instance.

Our tailored guidance will be geared up to the norms of this sector of the economy but it will also be handled on a case by case basis. No two firms in the sector will ever face exactly the same sort of financial situation, after all. That’s why it is important to seek assistance from professionals who understand the sector but who are also well-versed in all aspects of insolvency proceedings. This is exactly what is on offer from Salient Insolvency.


At Salient Insolvency, we will work hard to ensure you get the sort of financial advice you need to rescue any ailing situation you might face with your balance sheet. Finances can often start to get out of hand from seemingly straightforward issues, after all. Perhaps a client has got into the habit of paying you late but this has now started to cause cash flow problems? There again, you might have been hit because a business loan you have taken out is now not quite as attractive as it once was.

Dealing with business debt is one of the key professional services you can expect from Salient Insolvency to help get your property business operating in a more financially sound manner. We can help with creditor negotiations, for example, as well as acting on your behalf if official liquidation proceedings have been brought against you.

Turn to Salient Insolvency with confidence for a wealth of professional advice.

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If you are working in a partnership and want to restructure the business in a more viable commercial format, then we can help.

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Obtain expert advice in a wide range of insolvency matters including appointing an official receiver for your business.


Property & Real Estate Industry Insolvency

As insolvency practitioners, we know what it takes to save businesses that are facing temporary financial hardship. If you think that a property portfolio can be saved from collapse given enough time to deal with creditors, then we are on hand to explain how you should best proceed. We can also help you to deal with company closures, business restorations and voluntary arrangements. With us by your side, you will be able to make the right strategic decisions about what to do next.

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