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Law of Property Act Receiverships - LPA

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An Act of Property Law (LPA) receivership is a type of receivership that involves the reclamation of property, usually following a business debt that has been secured with some form of real estate.

If a creditor has not received payments from your firm due to cash flow problems, then they have several courses of action open to them. When it comes to debt that has been secured with property, such as ownership of your business premises, for example, it is legally possible for it to be reclaimed by issuing what is known as a fixed charge. In short, a fixed charge is a means of taking possession of a property through the receivership process. Importantly, this process can be conducted before a company becomes insolvent.

LPA receiverships are usually conducted by lawyers or surveyors acting on behalf of the creditor. If your business faces an LPA receivership – or thinks that it might do so soon – then you can turn to Salient Insolvency to help you make the right decisions about what to do next. If you are behind with your mortgage payments for your business premises, for example, then now would be a good time to talk to us to help you take action before other options are no longer viable. We’re here to help all businesses no matter how large or small their debt may be.


Why use Salient Insolvency for LPA Receivership.

At Salient Insolvency, we have a raft of professional knowledge and experience at your disposal for all types of company debt including LPA receivership proceedings. Ask us about this form of debt recovery if you are seeking pre-receivership support through arbitration or have been issued with the relevant legal notices already.

We can assist with LPA receiverships in numerous circumstances.

  • Property disposal strategies
  • Tailored business recovery planning
  • Maximising asset value
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Minimising financial losses

Guidance for LPA Receiverships

Although carefully worded contracts do not tend to allow for much leeway with LPA receiverships, we can advise when it is possible to challenge them.

Rental Incomes with LPA Receiverships

If you earn rental income from the property that is being repossessed, then we can offer specialist advice.


Expert guidance with LPA receivership debt recovery

Whether you are managing a temporary cash flow situation or have a more structural business problem that means discharging your usual debt repayments has become progressively harder, our professional expertise will be of help. Ask Salient Insolvency about your options if you face LPA receivership or a pre-support report which may lead to one.

Online Liquidation Assessment

Take a look at our online liquidation assessment tool to help you come to a conclusion about whether company liquidation proceedings may be the best course of action for your firm.

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At Salient Insolvency, we offer professional guidance advice in the following sectors to businesses facing LPA receiverships.

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