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Unsure about what business insolvency might mean for you or your firm? Talk to the experts at Salient Insolvency.

At Salient Insolvency, we provide a wide range of insolvency services to help businesses of all kinds deal with cash flow problems, company restructuring, debt management and business dissolutions. Our experts in insolvency matters can help to rescue your business from its current financial woes or act on your behalf to wind it up in the most straightforward manner possible. Talk to us if you face insolvency issues of any kind so we can advise you about the best ways forward.

We offer professional business insolvency guidance in many areas of commerce.


If your business took out an HM Treasury-backed bounce back loan but is now struggling to service this debt, we can offer finely tuned advice about how to manage the situation.

Whether your lender is demanding the immediate repayment of your loan or you have already renegotiated your terms, we can assist with managing this form of debt professionally.


As professional insolvency practitioners, Salient Insolvency is ideally placed to help any business – sole traders, limited companies and partnerships – that may face compulsory liquidation proceedings against them.

We will offer you a range of options so you’ll be better informed about what to do next.


Businesses are dissolved for many reasons these days, not all of them connected to financial matters. Whether you want to dissolve a loss-making business or one that has simply ceased trading so that it is properly wound up in the legal sense of the term, we can assist. Find out what striking your company off the official register will mean by turning to Salient Insolvency.


In effect, company restorations are the reverse of company dissolutions. Again, they can be conducted for many different reasons.

If you would like to restore a former company or would like to find out what doing so would entail, then there is no better place you could turn for professional guidance than Salient Insolvency.


Our business rescue services are suited to both large and small companies as well as partnerships. We will go through your current financial situation carefully to establish exactly what options are open to you. If you think your business may no longer be viable but want to see whether it can be saved, then Salient Insolvency is here to help.


As insolvency practitioners, Salient Insolvency can act on your behalf as a company administrator or advise you about what to do if you face either administration or pre-pack administration proceedings.

We’ll deal with company debt including corporation tax and VAT debt.


Should you face the reclamation of business debt that has been secured against property, then it is possible you will need guidance on LPA receivership proceedings. As experts in this field of insolvency, we can assist you at every stage of an LPA receivership process.


Whether you or your business partner would like to liquidise your business affairs, Salient Insolvency is here to offer impartial advice about the best way to proceed. We deal with issues like mutual consent and asset realisation to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

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Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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