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Insolvency Practitioner for Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare sector, there are often financial obstacles that need to be overcome for a business to survive, so it is wise to seek professional help when facing the threat of insolvency.

Both solvent and insolvent businesses within the health and social care sector can benefit from the expert financial and technical advice on offer from Salient Insolvency. We have years of know-how to share when it comes to dealing with a raft of financial matters including handling cash flow problems, investor relations, creditor negotiations and much more besides.

If you think your company is solvent or could be with some time to pay off its debts, then we can help you to take the best route forward out of your current situation. Equally, we offer professional guidance on the practicalities of dealing with business partners who would like to restructure or even dissolve a trading healthcare company. If you run a healthcare business and are seeking expert assistance, then there is no better place to turn to.


At Salient Insolvency, we offer businesses in the healthcare sector the chance to rectify their current problems and put themselves on a more sound financial footing. This might mean looking at debt restructuring, for example, as well as other options, such as company voluntary arrangements.

We also have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to matters like limited liability company closures and what to do if you want to alter the partnership arrangements fairly among a group of partners who no longer wish to work together. From compulsory liquidation proceedings to business administration services, we will have your private healthcare business covered.

Turn to Salient Insolvency for professional assistance and expert advice in many of the areas of concern to private healthcare providers in the UK.

  • Bounce back loan repayments
  • Business restructuring
  • LPA receiverships
  • Company restorations
  • Debt management

Tailored advice

Ask Salient Insolvency for specific guidance that’s tailored to your firm in the field of voluntary arrangements.

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If you are a company director looking for help with making yourself and others redundant, then we can advise you.


Healthcare Industry Insolvency

We work in a diligent way to cover all the financial circumstances of the healthcare companies we work with at Salient Insolvency. This means you will be able to obtain tailored advice from us that takes into account the entirety of your particular situation. By providing guidance that is offered on a case by case basis, you will be able to make better decisions thanks to being more fully informed of all of your potential options.

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Take our online assessment because it will help you to establish whether or not dissolving your healthcare firm might be the right approach to take.

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Tailored professional help in the following sectors from Salient Insolvency.

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