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Insolvency Industrial Sectors UK

At Salient Insolvency, we provide a wide range of insolvency services to help businesses of all kinds deal with cash flow problems, company restructuring, debt management and business dissolutions. Our experts in insolvency matters can help to rescue your business from its current financial woes or act on your behalf to wind it up in the most straightforward manner possible. Talk to us if you face insolvency issues of any kind so we can advise you about the best ways forward.

We offer professional business insolvency guidance in many areas of commerce.


Ask Salient Insolvency to help you with all insolvency and business liquidation matters in the car making industry. We can assist whether you run a motor manufacturing plant or supply components and services to the automotive sector today.


With particular taxation regulations affecting the construction industry like no other, turning to the experts at Salient Insolvency makes sense for building firms and contractors alike. We can help whether you run a large corporation or operate as a sole trader.


Private educational establishments and freelance trainers can turn to Salient Insolvency with great confidence that we will help them to get their finances back in good order as well as providing a raft of other insolvency advice.


If your business operates in the healthcare sector, then seeking professional guidance when you suffer a cash flow problem makes sense. Ask Salient Insolvency what to do about company debt, business dissolution or rescue packages.


With cash flow that can be seasonal, dealing with debt and other financial matters isn’t always straightforward in the leisure and hospitality sectors. That’s why obtaining our expertise can be so useful.


Manufacturing and fabrication firms sometimes fall behind with their debt repayments for the simple reason that their customers have failed to pay or are late with payments. If you are struggling to keep your business going while orders need to be fulfilled, then ask Salient Insolvency to help you manage your financial situation better.


Many professionals operate in partnerships as well as limited companies nowadays. We can help anyone who works in the professional services sector including lawyers, accountants, consultants and more besides with tailored advice to suit them.


A notoriously tricky sector often with fickle customer bases, maintaining a high level of cash flow is not always easy in retail businesses. Salient Insolvency’s services are geared up for retailers from large, nationwide groups to boutique shop owners.


At Salient Insolvency, our personal insolvency services are geared up for professional sportspeople, physios and trainers. We can also assist sports brands, clubs and businesses with all aspects of debt management and insolvency.


If you work in the real estate sector, then Salient Insolvency is here to provide a wealth of information about company indebtedness and what to do about creditors. We can help estate agent partnerships to deal with disputes and closures as well as other types of property management firms.


Whether you provide TV services, install telecommunications equipment or operate in the new media sector, Salient Insolvency is on hand to deal with anything from company restorations to business rescue services.


In industries that are often so reliant on exchange rates and sub-contractors, like the travel and tourism sector, financial difficulties can often occur. That’s why getting our expert advice is often so helpful to firms in this service industry.


Whether you run a fleet of trucks or provide software and services that support the logistics industry, Salient Insolvency is on hand to provide expert professional insolvency advice and business rescue services.


Suppliers of food and drink products – as well as service providers – can turn to our team of insolvency practitioners safe in the knowledge that they will be able to obtain impartial and discreetly offered advice every time.

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Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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