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Turn to the professionals at Salient Insolvency if you are looking to make an accurate assessment of your firm’s current financial situation.

At Salient Insolvency, we have a raft of business tools on offer that will make it easier for you to get to grips with your financial circumstances. No two businesses are the same and no two sets of financial circumstances will ever be the same either. Whether you run a small enterprise as a sole trader or operate with a board of directors as part of a limited liability company, we can help you to make sense of your current liabilities, assets and cash flow situation. We also offer online assessments that are just as useful for people who work in business partnerships including LLPs. 

Take our online liquidation assessment whether you own a company or have business interests in a firm that is no longer – or might soon cease – trading. Note that we can also provide an online assessment of your personal finances because, as professional insolvency practitioners, we also offer independent guidance with personal debt as well as business indebtedness.


If you are the director of a firm that is currently under financial stress, then a director distress consultation from Salient Insolvency will help you to understand all of the potential options open to you. Whether you are a managing director or not, we can assist with a raft of business rescue interventions on your behalf that will help to obtain more time to deal with business debt repayments and so on. Take our consultation assessment to see just how much we will be able to assist your firm with whichever route you choose to take.


Any business insolvency service that deals with insolvent company directors should make it clear that liquidation is not the only option open to directors under UK law. Although administration proceedings and liquidations may be the best course of action in your circumstances, as a company director, you should look into the possibility of redundancy. Different from the rules surrounding employee redundancy, there are various financial considerations to weigh up with a director redundancy. That’s why our director redundancy calculator will prove to be invaluable in making your initial assessment of the viability of this route. The online assessment is simple to use and operates on a straightforward question and answer basis. Complete your assessment today.


Our online liquidation assessment is a simple tool that will help you to understand where you stand financially. Designed to be easy to use and to offer you a straightforward way of assessing your current situation, the online tool does not take long to complete. However, it will provide you with some valuable insights into your finances and what options are open to you depending on how the assessment turns out. We can also provide more tailored advice that will take into account the rest of your particular circumstances. As such, we will be able to offer you further guidance about whether proceeding with something like a business rescue service or a company administration procedure would be appropriate in your case.

Online Liquidation Assessment

Even when companies are insolvent, it does not necessarily mean that they ought to apply for liquidation. Cash flow problems can be temporary, after all, so assess your situation with our handy assessment tool.

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